Granted I'm just getting started, but will add to the list as quickly as I can... what a chore ;-)  So many root beers and so little time. 

I have to admit, I didn't appreciate this one until I got through the first 1/4 of the bottle. My first thought was that it was uninspired and boring, but as I continued to drink more of it, what occurred to me was that this was a perfectly executed traditional root beer. Is it bold? No. Is it funky or unique? No. Is it full of complex flavors... again... No.  But it's good and it is straightforward enough to be a great beverage to enjoy with a hamburger, your favorite snack or a bowl of popcorn. It's good old-fashioned root beer that is content not being the star of the show, but goes great with just about anything.

There may be no root beer as polarizing to people's opinions as this one. Some vehemently despise Virgil's for it's bold flavors and consider those who like it of just being wannabe connoisseurs. I am of the opposite camp... I love this root beer. I love it for all it's bold complexity and mix of distinct flavors that meld together for me just right. Virgil's is to root beer what gumbo is to cajun food... all these bold flavors that when put together just right taste so good.  This is not a root beer I drink with a meal. I think it's best enjoyed all by it's lonesome with nothing to distract from it's layers of flavor. A couple of months ago, I got a few bottles that were awful. I contacted the company and discovered that they moved their facility and did have a hiccup with one batch, so if you tried Virgil's for the first time in 2015 and it tasted like sewer water, then you should give it another try (seriously, it was really THAT bad.)  So far, this one is my favorite to grab and enjoy while sitting on the patio watching the sun set.   

Frostop Premium Root Beer

If you enjoy a more pronounced wintergreen flavor in your bottle of root brew, then this one may be for you. For me it was a little much, but not so strong to ruin the experience and I can see myself going back to this one occasionally for something a little different. Not too sweet and the other flavors are very well balanced, and it did seem to be a little more carbonated than average. The makers of this beverage have given us something a little different to enjoy from time to time. 

The Frosted Mug Root Beer Reviews

Root Beer

Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer

Virgil's Micro brewed Root Beer

Dang! Root Beer

I really wanted to like this one. The foam is so thick once you pour it into the mug, it's simply picture perfect. It looked like an awesome experience awaited me. As I drank it, the flavor was nice and balanced and really was pretty tasty, but it's the aftertaste that turned me off. I'm sure there's no such ingredient in it, but the aftertaste was reminiscent of the synthetic sweeteners from long ago days when the first sugar-free diet sodas hit the shelves of the supermarkets. With every sip, I liked it and then hated it as the favor faded into that same aftertaste again.  Maybe it's your favorite and you can't get enough; if so, have at it, my friend. If your taste buds aren't attune that lingering taste that ruined my experience, then it'll be one you'll probably go back to again and again.